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Incorporating a Pop of Color

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Wed, Aug 15, 2018 @ 04:04 PM


Want to try some bold, trendy colors in your home but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

A cayenne red can make bold, spicy statement. A deep purple or blue can add depth and richness. A sunny yellow or warm orange can brighten any space. A soft green or light blue can bring the peace of nature inside. Color showcases our emotions and our creativity, and always makes a statement.

These bold, trendy colors are fun, popular and can update any home, but trends can also be passing. A great way to stay current and protect your investment from becoming outdated is to incorporate these colors in
your home in small bursts, also known as pops of color.

Pops of color can highlight architectural details and add personality to any space. The best part is you don't have to commit an entire room or wall to that trendy color to achieve the effect, a pop is just that, a small
area or item in that special shade providing a flash of color.

Try an accent wall, half wall above or below your chair rail, or a piece of furniture. Even painting a frame, chandelier, lamp, or pair of candle sticks in a bold shade can add a pop of color and lend visual interest to a room or area in your home.

Great areas to play with color are laundry rooms, bathrooms and entry ways. You don’t spend hours in these places, rather you pass through and fun colors here can leave a lasting impression.

You’re not a painter? No problem. You can always hire a professional for a big job, but this is a fun way to put those hours you’ve logged watching HGTV to good use.

What you’ll need for your DIY makeover paintover: an old rag, painter’s tape, primer or white paint if you're covering a dark color, your paint color of choice, and an appropriate size paint brush for the project. For added appeal, find updated or funky accessories for your piece like a new lamp shade or drawer pulls.

It’s really quite simple once you have all of your supplies. First, wipe away any dust so you have a smooth, clean surface. Next, remove drawer knobs or tape over any hardware or areas you don't want painted. Apply a primer coat if needed to cover particularly dark colors and stains. Next, apply one to two coats of your chosen paint color and let dry.

Remove any tape and reaffix the necessary items like lamp shades, light bulbs, or drawer knobs, and wait for the compliments to start rolling in.

The possibilities don’t end with paint when it comes to playing with color.

Throw pillows, blankets, vases, and framed prints are just a few easy, low commitment ways to play with color
in your home.

So, go ahead and make a splash with bold, trendy colors in your home! We want to see your projects and how you incorporate pops of color in your home.

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Let's See Those Photos of Your Favorite Places This Month!

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Wed, Aug 08, 2018 @ 11:00 AM


The Liz Moore Love Where You Live Photo Contest is highlighting photos in the "Special Places" category during the month of August.  Submit your photos at and we'll select winners from that category at the end of the month.

Remember, this year's overall photo contest will run through October 15, 2018, and at that time we will select the grand prize winners.  We will be awarding prizes such as an iPad, Busch Gardens Season Passes, cash, and more!  

Thank you for showcasing why you love where you live!
                                                                                            (Icy James River, Photo Credit: Amber Krug)

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New Construction in the Heart of Hanover

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Mon, Jul 30, 2018 @ 03:37 PM

Madison Estates

Liz Moore & Associates is delighted to announce that it has been selected by NK Homes  as the exclusive marketing agency for Madison Estates in Hanover. Team Hensley will be the exclusive sales team representing the community.

Madison Estates is a luxury development consisting of 1-2 acre, open lots. An equestrian lover’s delight, a custom stable is situated in the center of the development. Located nearby are horseback riding and walking trails and large community spaces. Neighbors enjoy seclusion, yet they are only minutes from Richmond.         

Madison Estates is in its final phase with only 10 homesites remaining. “When you buy in Madison Estates, you’re not only buying a great piece of land, you’re buying great peace of mind and serenity. You can’t put a price tag on that,” says Catie Burnett, New Homes Coordinator for Liz Moore and Associates. “With their upscale style and elegant craftsmanship, NK Homes has really captured the heart of Hanover in this community. It’s truly a rare opportunity.”

Learn more about this special new community at  For more information about Madison Estates or to arrange a visit, contact Jana Mills at 804-909-9570 or email  for a brochure.

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Countertop Trends in 2018

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Thu, Jul 26, 2018 @ 02:22 PM


It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we prepare our meals every day, often where we eat, and where we gather and socialize.  The countertops are the largest surface in the kitchen, and they need to be both durable and beautiful.  So, what’s trending in kitchen countertops in 2018? 

For years granite was the preferred countertop material.  It’s strong, durable and attractive.  Granite is a natural rock and is porous.  That means liquids like water, wine, and oils can seep through the surface and cause staining and even encourage the breeding of dangerous bacteria.  Granite can be sealed to solve the porous issue, but sealant wears off over time and must be redone again and again.  Once sealed, granite is easy to clean and maintain and is unaffected by harsh chemicals making this an attractive choice. 

Granite is still very popular, but with its noted downside, alternatives have been on the rise in popularity.

Quartz is by far the most popular trend right now.  Quartz is generally harder and denser than granite and the pattern is more like marble which is appealing to many homeowners. Quartz is strong, durable, non-porous, and low maintenance.  It is highly resistant to stains and is the most hygienic countertop option for homeowners.  Quartz comes in many colors, patterns, and finishing techniques that mimic the look of natural stone.  All of this does come at a price though, with Quartz being one of the more expensive countertop materials. 

Marble has also been a popular choice recently.  This countertop material is beautiful and highly heat resistant.  Marble can be scratched and can be affected by harsh chemicals though, making it a little more difficult to clean.  Marble is one of the more expensive choices on the market as well. 

Butcher block countertops have been trending recently.  These countertops are solid wood laminated together with adhesive, giving a warm, natural look.  Butcher block is heat resistant but can burn and can also scratch easily.  But as it’s natural wood, this surface can be more easily repaired than other options. 

Aside from material, there are other trends in countertops such as color, pattern, finish, and integrations. 

Preference for soft neutral tones is a common theme running throughout the home in current décor trends, and kitchen countertops are no exception. Bold countertop colors are fading from popularity as neutrals become the norm.  Instead of a bright blue or jet-black countertop, you are more likely to find soft grey, white and beige tones in kitchens in 2018.  Homeowners are still incorporating colors in wall color or backsplash tile or even in their seating choices, but countertops are trending towards neutral colors. 

Speaking of backsplash tile, we’re seeing trends move away from the previously popular 4-inch-high slab of countertop material going up the wall.  Now, in its place decorative tiles are starting at the countertop surface.  As the countertop goes low-profile with neutral tones and thin slabs, the backsplash has become a canvas to try out bold styles. With the tendency for homeowners to extend the backsplash to the ceiling (instead of just below the wall cabinetry), the backsplash has become something of an accent wall, forming the visual focal point for the kitchen. 

The busy pattern of round particulates is becoming less popular as realistic veining is gaining in popularity.  Technology is offering creative solutions to make material like quartz resemble slabs of natural stone like granite and marble.  Manufacturers are creating veins and interesting swirled patterns into their countertop slabs now. 

For even more of a natural look, some homeowners are opting for a matte finish on their countertops rather than a high-gloss polished slab.  Textured finishes like honed and leather surfaces are on the rise as home design as a whole is incorporating more textured and tactile surfaces.  Honed finish is a matte finish with little to no shine.  Depending on material, the look will vary, but it should have a low sheen and smooth surface.  Honed finishes work well with marble as its lack of shine more easily conceals any flaws or scratch marks.  Leathered finish has become popular in recent years, it has a soft sheen that is less glossy than a polished slab and has a different tactile feel.  The leather finish retains the stone’s natural color giving it a more natural and sophisticated look than honed.  The finish also hides fingerprints and water spots well, which is very appealing.

With countertops trending toward more modern and functional materials and finishes, the kitchen sinks aren’t being left behind.  The favorite look for homeowners has been a sleek, continuous style from the countertop to the sink, a look that is still trending in 2018.  Integrated sinks are made from the same material as the countertop so the two blend seamlessly together, resulting in a sleek, modern style.  This trend also makes maintenance a breeze with the lack of a break between countertop and sink.  Also, an adaptation to this is different material sinks–like stainless steel, vitreous china, and quartz that have a flange made of the same countertop material giving it that seamless integration from sink to surface.  The possibilities are endless.

With so many options, homeowners can really change the look and feel of their kitchen by simply updating the countertops.

Are you thinking about selling your home and are wondering if you should update the countertops?  Email us at and we'd be happy to give you some advice!

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Vote for Perkinson Homes!

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Tue, Jul 24, 2018 @ 11:17 AM

Vote for our builder clients, Perkinson Homes, in the Richmond Times Dispatch's The Best of Richmond contest! Vote today and everyday through August 5, 2018 at



Perkinson Homes, Inc. was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2008 by Brian R. Perkinson. Brian is a 3rd generation home-builder, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father. He holds a degree in Wood Science/ Forest Products from the Virginia Tech School of Natural Resources. 

For more information on Perkinson Homes, download the Meet the Builder story below.

Perkinson Homes - Meet the Builder

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The Love Where You Live Photo Contest is Back!

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Fri, Jul 20, 2018 @ 02:45 PM


We had so much fun a few years ago with the Liz Moore Love Where You Live Photo Contest that we've decided to do it again! 

Who doesn’t love to take photos of the things that make them smile?  Whether you know your way around a sophisticated camera, or you just enjoying taking photos of your cat with your iPhone, we’d love for you to enter!  

Enter photos in categories such as Recreation, Community, Pets, Special Places, and more. 

The photo contest will run through October 15, 2018, and at that time we will select the grand prize winners.  Over $4,000 in prizes will be awarded including an iPad, Busch Gardens Season Passes, cash, and more!  We will also be running “mini contests” each month – stay tuned for details.

Enter as many times as you’d like!  Visit to enter and to view our photos entries so far.

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Northern Neck: Escape to the Tranquil Coastline of the Chesapeake Bay

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Tue, Jul 10, 2018 @ 03:23 PM

A short drive away, the beautiful Northern Neck invites you to escape to the tranquil land by the Chesapeake Bay. The Northern Neck is a great place to get away from it all while enjoying Virginia's beautiful coastline.

The Northern Neck is comprised of five historic counties including King George, Westmoreland, Richmond, Lancaster, and Northumberland Counties. This region abounds with natural beauty, history, wildlife, local
seafood and wine, recreation, shopping, hospitality, and more.
The waterfront is the biggest attraction in the Northern Neck and there are so many ways to enjoy the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay! Enjoy a cruise across the Chesapeake Bay from historic Reedville at the tip of Virginia's Northern Neck to quaint Smith Island, only 13 miles away, yet a world apart. You'll see the crabbers and the fascinating soft-shell crab "farms" as you come into Smith Island. Rent a kayak or paddle boat or charter a boat for the day to enjoy the area's pristine waters and beaches.

Want to try something new? Learn to sail at Premier Sailing in Irvington, or learn to row at sculling camp at Calm Waters Rowing in Lancaster.

The Northern Neck boasts 21 sites on the Coastal portion of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail. The trail is a driving trail with loops off the main trail, linking some of Virginia's best wildlife-watching areas with walking and biking trails. Visitors can drive, bike, hike, walk, and kayak through breathtaking state parks, rivers, or wetland marshes and enjoy the abounding natural wildlife.

The Northern Neck is full of opportunities to sample the local seafood, especially oysters. Oysters take on the flavor of the waters in which they are harvested and the salinity levels of the Chesapeake Bay and its major
tributaries are ideal for sustaining great tasting oysters. The Virginia Oyster Trail is a visitor-directed experiential "journey of discovery" program featuring Virginia's Oyster regions. The Northern Neck comprises Region Four of the Virginia Oyster Trail where you'll find sweetwater oysters with a light cream taste. You can visit to learn more.

If sampling local wine is more your taste, visit the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail. The Northern Neck's seven wineries invite visitors to sample award winning varietals, learn pairing tips, and enjoy tours of winemaking facilities. The vineyards often participate in events like oyster crawls, wine festivals, and other events.
Visit to learn more.

Along with beautiful vistas, history, and outdoor activities, the Northern Neck offers a wide variety of fun shops, art galleries, and antiques stores to explore. Wander through Irvington's unique shops and enjoy all the fun of their farmer's markets. Or stop by the Westmoreland Berry Farm to stock up on fresh fruit and produce in season and the farm's own line of gourmet fruit preserves, after shopping enjoy a fresh fruit sundae on their deck overlooking the Rappahannock River.

History buffs will enjoy visiting historic homes such as Stratford Hall Plantation - the home of two signers of the Declaration of Independence, Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee, and birthplace of Confederate General Robert E. Lee; Pope Creek farm- George Washington's Birthplace National Monument; and Historic Christ Church, built in 1670.

If you'd like to extend your day trip, there are many different lodging options including camping at the Chesapeake Bay Camp Resort, renowned Bed and Breakfasts like Belle Grove Plantation and the Hope and Glory Inn, and decadent escapes like the spa at The Tide's Inn.

The region abounds in nature, waterfront recreation, historic villages and towns, antiques, classic B&Bs, local
seafood, great golf, boutique shopping, and friendly folks. Plan your day trip today!

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Kids Summer Arts Program at Blue Skies Gallery- Now through August 30th

Posted by Grayson Moore on Thu, Jul 05, 2018 @ 04:09 PM
Does your child enjoy art? Check out the Kids Summer Arts Program at Blue Skies Gallery in Hampton. Students will learn various techniques through the use of different mediums including watercolor, acrylics, pixel art, abstraction, sculpture and more. Classes are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays through August 30th, 2018 from 10AM to noon and 1PM to 3PM. Half day classes are $35 per day or $85 per week and full day classes are russn_fckr-66974-unsplash$45 per day or $120 per week. All supplies are included but students are advised to wear older clothing as many projects will involve paint and glue and can be messy. For more information visit the Blue Skies Gallery website here. The program is for children ages 8-16 and seating is limited. The Blue Skies Gallery is located at 26 S King Street Hampton, VA 23669. You may reach them by phone at (757)-727-0028 or by email at

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Meet the Builder: Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Mon, Jul 02, 2018 @ 03:26 PM

Inspired Design 

Stephen Alexander Homes offers a fresh approach to luxury living in The Point on Fisher’s Creek. They combine charming architectural style from the past with modern efficiency and open-concept floor plans.

Stephen Alexander Homes has a partnership with a local architecture firm to create designs that are inspired by architecture from the late 1800s to the early 1900s including Colonial Revival, American Craftsman, Victorian, and Four Square styles. Stephen Alexander Homes’ designs are so beautiful, functional, and smart they’ve received over 100 accolades and awards including numerous Parade of Homes and Homearama gold medals. Their designs have recently received national attention and are now available throughout the United States.

The designs offered by Stephen Alexander Homes also focus on coastal lifestyles. With Newport News surrounded by rivers and so close to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, these floor plans are an extension of the easy, comfortable, and often outdoor lifestyle residents in this  area are seeking. Stephen Alexander Homes offers luxurious screened porches with advanced window systems that provide use of the space nearly year round. They also offer expansive porches in the front and back of their homes.

State-of-the-Art Innovations

Stephen Alexander Homes uses synthetic material for the exterior components of their homes to ensure durability, beauty, and easy maintenance. The composite and cement materials still have the same attractive aesthetic of wood but they’re more enduring. Homeowners don’t have to worry about rotting, warping, or bugs with these materials. 

These gorgeous homes are as efficient as they are easy to maintain. Every home offers radiant barrier roofing with LP Tech Shield. This technology reflects 97% of the sun’s radiation resulting in lower attic temperatures by 30 - 40 degrees in summer. Stephen Alexander also uses the Zip System Sheathing and Tape for extra protection against air leakage and possible moisture damage within your walls. Low-E windows come standard on every home as well. These features all combine for comfortable living and lower energy costs.

Stephen Alexander Homes enhances their historical designs with modern open floor plans designed to maximize space and function.  They include 10’ ceilings on the first floor, 9’ ceilings on the second, and an abundance of windows allowing the natural light to fill each home.  Today families spend most of their time in the kitchen and the family room, so Stephen Alexander Homes dedicates the most space to these two rooms and doesn’t waste square footage on outdated rooms that homebuyers don’t use.

Stephen Alexander Homes also brings a fresh take what is included with a home purchase. “We bring the ‘yes it’s included’ mindset to home construction,” said Stephen. Giant tiled showers with dual showerheads, granite countertops, extended crown molding, hardwood floors throughout the majority of the first floor, and custom-milled built-ins are some favorite included features in every home.

Full gourmet kitchens are included in every Stephen Alexander Home, many with multi-use 10' islands for eating, entertaining, and display. Other signature features include hidden decorative hood blowers and lazy Susans, built-in microwaves and refrigerators, and pullout trashcans.

“We want to go over the top and make sure our customers are getting extra value in the structure, design, and finishes of their home. We are raising the bar on what homebuyers should expect.” Their award winning interior designer helps clients select everything going into their new home from the exterior fiber cement siding color all the way down to cabinet door knobs.

A Passionate Team 

What sets Stephen Alexander Homes apart, aside from their unique historic designs and included luxury finishes, is their personal attention and customer service. Although popular and growing, Stephen Alexander Homes is a family owned and operated local company. One of the three Principals is available to meet with each client to learn their needs and preferences. They answer any questions and offer their experience and expertise to help guide each client through the process. Stephen Alexander Homes is a company that provides personal, one-on-one attention with every high-quality custom home they build.

Stephen Alexander Homes is proud to be a St. Jude Children’s Research  Hospital homebuilder.  Stephen Alexander Homes has raised over $7 million dollars for St. Jude Children’s Hospital over the years. “We do a lot of charitable things as a company but St. Jude is by far our favorite because every dollar we put into the St. Jude Hospital effects a child’s life and often makes the difference between life and death,” said Stephen. Stephen Quick has eight children of his own, making this cause especially near to his heart.

Visit the Stephen Alexander Home model in The Point on Fisher’s Creek and experience how a new construction house can feel just like home.  Click below to download the price list.

Download The Point on Fisher's Creek Price List

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Best Places to Catch Fireworks this 4th of July

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Fri, Jun 29, 2018 @ 11:49 AM

stephanie-mccabe-24620-unsplashFrom the Virginia Beach to Richmond, we are lucky to have so many great options for catching those 4th of July fireworks this holiday!

Spend the day on Outlook Beach and check out the Casemate Museum with free admission. Enjoy music from the U.S. Fleet Forces Four Star Edition Ensemble (7:30 p.m.) and then watch the fireworks over Fort Monroe starting at 9:15 p.m. Food and drinks will be for sale onsite. Event is free. Fort Monroe, Hampton.  757-637-7778

Newport News
Spend the evening on the James River with a free concert and fireworks display at Victory Landing Park. Enjoy food and drinks for sale, plus rides and crafts for kids. Free. Victory Landing Park, Newport News. 757-962-1400

See the fireworks in Suffolk at Constant’s Wharf Park! Event starts at 5:30 p.m. and the fireworks display begins at 9 p.m. Hear music by Affirmative Groove and enjoy food and drinks for sale onsite. Event is free. Constant’s Wharf Park, Suffolk.  757-514-7250

Virginia Beach
After your barbecue, head over to Mount Trashmore from 4–10 p.m. for food, live music and fireworks. There is a $5 parking fee to park onsite. Event is free. Mount Trashmore Park, Virginia Beach.  757-385-2990

Watch fireworks on the beach at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Enjoy live music by the Virginia Beach Chorale, Chester B’s Motown Tribute Show, the Doorway Singers, Symphonicity, and a tribute to Billy Joel. A fireworks show over the Atlantic starts at 9:30 p.m. Free. Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Virginia Beach.  757-491-7866

Celebrate Independence Day in historic Colonial Williamsburg. Start the day with a salute to the states at 10 a.m. and stay to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence. Enjoy colonial-themed activities throughout the day, such as three-legged-races, crafts and tomahawk throwing. Hear performances by the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums and The Jangling Reinharts. There will be sumptuous food as guests feast on a come-and-go as you please buffet dinner at the Williamsburg Lodge. Fireworks start at 9:20 p.m., and reserved seating is included. Tickets available online, $85 for adults and $55 for children ages 6–12. Free parking available. Colonial Williamsburg.  888-965-7254

Come salute America along the Yorktown Waterfront with a patriotic parade on Water Street at 9 a.m. Evening activities feature a bell-ringing ceremony at 7 p.m., live musical entertainment at 8 p.m. and spectacular fireworks on the York River at 9:15 p.m. Free. Riverwalk Landing, Yorktown. 757-890-3500.

What’s better than watching baseball while eating peanuts and cracker jacks? How about all of that AND fireworks! Come out and root, root, root for the home team as the Richmond Flying Squirrels take on the Akron RubberDucks at The Diamond at 6:35 p.m. It's a perfect way to celebrate Independence Day in RVA with your family or friends while enjoying America's favorite pastime! This game usually sells out, so we recommend ordering your tickets in advance. 

Pack a picnic, grab a blanket, and head over to Dogwood Dell to celebrate our nation’s independence with a free night of music and fireworks! The Richmond Jazz Band kicks things off with a pre-concert at 6:30 p.m. Then the main concert begins at 7:30 p.m. featuring the Richmond Concert Band and fireworks at dusk. Arrive early to get a seat within the Dell. Free. 

Celebrate the festive occasion with a spectacular firework display at dark! This event, held at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds (across from L.C. Bird High School), includes an activity area for children, food vendors and special entertainment. Gates open at 5 p.m. and the fireworks begin at dark. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and enjoy an evening that’s fun for everyone! Admission is free, but children's wristbands will be available for $5.00 for access to children's amusements and inflatables.

Head to Henrico County for a spectacular evening celebrating independence and honoring America’s veterans. Wear your red, white and blue and enjoy the holiday at the park with live entertainment, food trucks, children’s activities in the Family Fun Zone, and a concert by the Richmond Symphony, accompanied by fireworks and a laser light show finale! Guests are encouraged to arrive early and bring a blanket or chair to enjoy the entertainment. Gates open at 5:00 p.m. Free admission.

Celebrate your Fourth of July with FREE admission to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, thanks to the generosity of CarMax! Show off your red, white, and blue pride and decorate your wagons and strollers for a parade in the Children’s Garden. Enjoy the beautiful gardens, Butterflies LIVE! and Origami in the Garden exhibits. Listen to live music by the Happy Lucky Combo. The kids can cool off in WaterPlay. There will be water stations at key locations, food for purchase at the Garden Café, and the library will be open from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. as a place to take a break from the fun and sun! Rain or shine.

Local fireworks...just another reason why we love where we live!

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