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The 2014 Fall Market in Williamsburg Starts Steady


As we move into the early Fall, the trends continue to remain steady for the Williamsburg, Virginia real estate market.Williamsburg real estate market

  • Months Supply of Inventory - 7.1
    Six months of inventory is considered a balanced market.  Inventory levels remain level, so we are expecting a steady early Fall market.
  • Current Median Sold Price - $290,000
    This number is down slightly from $295,000.
  • % of Sold Price to List Price - 97.9%
  • Average Days on Market - dropped slightly to 55 
  • Closed Sales - down 10.2%


If you’re a seller who has been wondering if it might finally be time to sell, email us at, or click below, and we can prepare a complimentary analysis of market value for you – you just may be pleasantly surprised.

How Much is My Home Worth?


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New Tool Helps Coastal Virginia Residents Assess Risks of Storm Surge


Living in Coastal Virginia and the surrounding areas comes with the risk of being affected by a hurricane or tropical storm.  Virginia Emergency Management officials have created a new tool to help coastal residents assess the risks of rising water in a storm surge.Coastal Virginia

“Storm surge” is an abnormal and potentially dangerous rise of water pushed to the shore by strong winds from a hurricane or tropical storm.  It is also the main reason that evacuations are ordered.

The Geographic Information System map provides users with the maximum storm surge risk at their current location or elsewhere.  The storm surge zones of this map indicate the maximum area that may be affected by a hurricane of a given value.

As each hurricane or tropical storm is different and forecast impacts may not reflect the modeled storm surge on this map, The Virginia Department of Emergency Management stresses that it is important for citizens listen to local emergency officials for evacuation instructions.


View the Interactive Storm Surge Map

Tickets on Sale Now to Tour the Southern Living Showcase Home


Southern Living is Coming to Williamsburg!

Don’t miss the upcoming Southern Living Showcase Home Event November 7 through the 23rdtickets are on sale now!


Inspired by the pages of Southern Living magazine, the award winning team at Wayne Harbin, Builders is building “Harrison Place,” a 3,500 square foot, fully furnished and decorated show home, outside the gate on Fords Colony Drive.  Preferred subcontractors are featuring the latest and greatest trends in home design, interior finishes, and home electronics.  Unleash your inner chef with on-site cooking demonstrations in our fabulous kitchen, discover imaginative landscaping and outdoor space ideas, and find design inspiration and style tips in every room!

The Southern Living Showcase Home will open to the public for tours beginning November 7th, Friday through Sunday from 10-5.  Tickets are on sale now for $10 in advance ($12 at the door) at, with proceeds benefiting Habitat for Humanity and Operation Welcome Home.  12 passenger shuttle buses will run every 15 minutes from the Fords Colony Country Club, where you can learn more about the community named the number one master plan in America, and touted year after year as one of the top places in the country to retire.

For more information on the Harbin Southern Living Showcase Home in Fords Colony or building your dream home in Williamsburg, call our new homes team at 757-645-4106 or email us at

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12 Piece Moving Day Survival Kit


You found the perfect house, your contract was accepted, you made it to the closing table, and now it is yours.  Let the fun begin.  It's moving day! But first, grab your moving day survival kit.  As with any big life event, the unexpected will happen. came up with a list of essentials for your moving day survival kit to help things running smoothly.buying a home

1.  At least a few rolls of toilet paper.  I think it is obvious why this is important.

2.  Aspirin and all of your medications. This is the second-most important thing to include. You'll be lifting boxes all day.  Some aspirin will come in handy.  And of course, if you take medications on a regular basis, moving day will be no different.

3. Toilet plunger. You never know!

4.  Cash. You should tip your movers.  

5.  Trash bags. You're going to want the big, sturdy yard trash bags as well as the clear recycling bags.

6.  Power strip and mobile phone charger. The power strip will come in handy because you'll probably clear one little area to keep chaos at bay and wind up plugging in a lot of various things, like lamps, a laptop, your phone and more.

7.  All-purpose cleaner, Clorox wipes and a roll of paper towels. Hopefully, move-in day will not be a big cleaning day. Good sellers will have your home thoroughly scoured for you before then, but you'll want to be prepared just in case.

No matter what, you'll want to give the toilet a cleaning, and some of your furniture may be dusty and have a cobweb or two as it comes off the truck. An all-purpose cleaner and paper towels should be enough to tide you over.

8.  Bottled water and granola bars. You're not going to remember to eat until you are very hungry. Have some immediate snacks around for sustenance until you can get a meal together, and by "together," I mean "delivered."

9.  Bandages. While a complete first aid kit is great for overachievers, soap, water, paper towels and a box of bandages should take care of any move-in mishaps. 

10. Notepad and pen. Moving day is a time when many to-do lists are made, new numbers are learned and names of neighbors who have stopped by and introduced themselves are furiously scribbled down before they fly out of your head. 

11.  Something to freshen the air. Whether you prefer a Glade plug-in, a bottle of Febreze or a fancy candle, even the cleanest house in the world will smell a little musty when it's been closed up for a while. Get your own favorite scent wafting through the air.

12.  Flashlight. This will come in handy at night as well as for checking out your new crawl space or any other dark corners. Speaking of light, be sure to pack a few extra batteries, a few light bulbs and a nightlight that will help guide you to the bathroom in this foreign place.

Are you looking to start the home buying process?  Email us at, we'd love to help! Or, click below to download our free Home Buyer's Handbook.

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Are There Benefits to Being a Distressed Property Investor?


real estate investorYes, you’re reading it correctly. No, it’s not what you think.  This is the term classifying investors that are making a dent in the housing market by purchasing a short sale, a pre –foreclosure, and sometimes bidding against the banks at auctions. If you’re a first timer, savvy investor, experienced investor, or simply a collective group of  individuals , you should consider these properties.

The one downside is dealing with the banks, or as we call them REO or Real Estate Owned Corporate, which can turn in to a rather complicated situation.

However, since 2009 real estate investors have grown  from the large wholesale conglomerates to individuals starting out to take advantage of the bargains. Not content with investing in stocks and bonds, the new savvy investor gets a greater satisfaction from a “hands on” approach .

The investor has several  options with his properties. Once owned , it can be rehabbed and sold for a profit. Depending on its condition, it can be flipped with minimal improvements and sold for a profit. Another option is to hold on to the property if it is in fair condition and rent it for a monthly cash flow.

Whatever avenue you choose to be a savvy investor in Hampton Roads, it does not take an expert to make good return on investment from real estate.

Interested in learning more about real estate investment strategies?  Email us at or Download our free eBook!


Download The Field Guide to Real Estate Investing

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Looking for a Home in York County?


We are excited to bring you the latest issue of the Liz Moore York County Homes MagazineClick the image below to flip through the magazine featuring our newest York County homes for sale.

yorktown homes for sale

Check out the rest of our digital magazines - Newport News HomesWilliamsburg HomesWaterfront Property, and more!  You can subscribe to one or more of our magazines, and they will be delivered FREE to your inbox once a month, dynamically uploading the latest issues.

Check Out Our Digital Magazines




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Wayne Harbin Builder - Currently Building in The Oaks at Fenton Mill


Meet the Builder

One of Greater Williamsburg’s premier custom homebuilders, Wayne Harbin Builder, is offering beautiful, quality custom homes at a great value in The Oaks at Fenton Mill.

Wayne Harbin Builder is offering 11 of their most popular floor plans to The Oaks at Fenton MillOaks at Fenton Mill including many Southern Living floor plans, each available for individual customization to fit every family and lifestyle.  As the sole Southern Living® Custom Builder Program member on the Virginia Peninsula, Wayne Harbin Builder has the ability to combine classic Southern designs and contemporary living arrangements.

Wayne Harbin Builder standard finishes far exceed industry standard home finishes.  The high ceilings, granite, extensive crown and chair molding, 3.25 inch oak flooring, and many other luxurious finishes all considered standard to Wayne Harbin Builder, combine to give their homes a feeling of extraordinary quality.

For the past 29 years, Wayne Harbin Builder has continually been recognized throughout the region not only for their beautiful designs and craftsmanship, but also for their exceptional customer service and dedication to energy efficiency.

Founded by Wayne and Bonnie Harbin in 1985, Wayne Harbin Builder has continued to make custom-home construction a family affair.  Sons Doug and Brad both joined the family business shortly after college graduation.  “Our reputation in the industry and the community is on the line every day, with every project,” explained Doug Harbin.  “Our family does whatever it takes to get the job done, our day doesn’t end at 5 p.m. and no one has a set “role” in the company.  We all pitch in and do whatever is necessary to fulfill our commitments and deliver quality-constructed homes that we’re proud to put our name on.”

The Harbins have organized their company into several departments for maximum efficiency and buying power including estimating, accounting, and project management.  This structure also provides the best customer service experience where buyers can directly reach the proper department for answers, maintaining the personal touch a family-owned company provides. 

Wayne Harbin Builder understands that building a new home and customizing a floor plan can seem overwhelming to customers so they’ve designed a process to make the experience a manageable and enjoyable one.  Each new project is assigned a project manager to act as the buyer’s personal guide through their home construction project from start to finish.  The project manager schedules selections in a manageable way and provides their buyer with a list of all selections and dates, vendor contact information, and options available in their budget.  “We are 100% open from the beginning,” said Wayne Harbin, “there are never any hidden costs or expenses.” The project manager even calls and reminds buyers of upcoming appointments.  Buyers are presented with all of the information they need to easily make the best selections according to their preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Wayne Harbin Builder offers meetings with interior design, electrical, and mechanical professionals throughout the construction process.  These professionals meet the homebuyers and learn their preferences and intended uses for their space, and offer their advice and expertise.  The interior designer meets with the buyer three times to ensure all interior and exterior finishes, appliances, and paint compliments each other.  Electrical professionals walk through the home with the buyer and discuss switch and outlet placement.  Mechanical professionals discuss systems preferences with buyers. This process provides the most aesthetically pleasing home that is designed to each buyer’s exact specifications and preferences.

By constructing new homes in the region for the past 29 years, Wayne Harbin Builder has developed strong relationships with the most trusted, high-quality subcontractors and suppliers in the area.  “Our local subcontractors and suppliers know the area and the conditions, and they’re responsive and reliable,” said Doug.  “We like to contribute to the local economy and support small business whenever possible too.”

Wayne Harbin Builder was one of the first EarthCraft certified builders on the Virginia Peninsula constructing energy, water and resource-efficient homes that exceed current building codes and standards.  Wayne Harbin Builder uses state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques to address the factors that impact homes in this region including high heat, humidity and temperature swings.  Owners benefit from lower utility costs, enhanced indoor air quality, increased comfort, and reduced home maintenance requirements.  At the conclusion of construction, each homeowner is presented with an EarthCraft certificate certifying their home is an energy-efficient EarthCraft constructed home.

Quality construction is another hallmark of Wayne Harbin Builder homes.  Each home is inspected and tested several times by a third party ensuring maximum quality and system efficiency in every home.

As long time community residents, Wayne, Bonnie, Doug and Brad all take great pride in each home they build and the relationship they form with their customers along the way.  “I’m always running into customers at the grocery store telling me how much they love their home, that’s the most rewarding part of what we do,” said Wayne.  “We have many return customers, some using our renovation services 10 years down the road and others wanting another new construction home, and for our family, that is the greatest compliment.”

Come explore The Oaks at Fenton Mill and learn more about Wayne Harbin Builder design and construction.

Are you looking for new homes for sale in Williamsburg?  The Oaks at Fenton Mill has many affordable options surrounded by a beautiful setting. 

Contact Liz Moore and Associates at or 757.645.4106, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our new homes experts who can point you in the right direction!

Meet with a New Homes Expert


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21st Annual American Music Festival this Weekend in Virginia Beach


The 21st Annual American Music Festival kicks off tonight, August 29th, and ends Sunday, August 31st, at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This annual event has become a Labor Day weekend favorite for music lovers.  Here's a look at the daily highlights:

american music festival

The first night's headliner on the 5th Street Park main stage is the young country star Hunter Hayes.

Later that night, eight-track flashback Foghat ("Slow Ride") hits the free 17th Street Park stage with its British-influenced take on very American blues and rock.

The main stage offers more blues-flavored rock sing-alongs with Blues Traveler, whose popularity came and went 20 years ago as its harmonica-laced hits "Hook" and "Run-Around" faded from radio playlists. That band shares the bill with Creedence Clearwater Revisited, a reincarnation of the soulful '70s rock band whose focal point, the great John Fogerty, won't be with it. 

Swing band Cherry Poppin' Daddies will be playing the 17th Street Park at 7:30 p.m. - following local act Major and the Monbacks - and world music/jam band Rusted Root jumping on the stage at the 31st Street Park, along with local act Seth Stainback & Roosterfoot.

On the last day, Train, the San Francisco band whose biggest success has come by way of songs such as "Drops of Jupiter" and "Hey, Soul Sister," will take the main stage. Later that night on the free 24th Street stage, smooth jazz stalwart Gerald Albright, who in more than 30 years on the scene has been more significant as a tasteful sideman than a significant front man, will offer his unobtrusive mood music.

Free for concerts at the 17th, 24th and 31st Street parks; for 5th Street stage shows, $20 in advance or $25 day of show, per show, or $40 for an all-show pass; $80 for a Preferred Viewing Passport Pin.  Click here to purchase tickets.

Interested in finding more things to do in and around the Historic Triangle? Subscribe here to our blog as we post ideas frequently.  You also can purchase a copy of Liz’s recently published book, 101 Reasons to Love Living in the Historic Triangle, in either paperback or e-book version by clicking the button below.

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Peninsula Real Estate Market Holds Steady Going into Fall


Peninsula real estate market

As we move into the Fall, the trends continue to be very positive for the Virginia Peninsula real estate market!

  • Months Supply of Inventory - 5.9
    Six months of inventory is considered a balanced market.  This lower inventory statistic indicates a busy seller's market.  
  • Current Median Sold Price - $177,888
    This number is up 1% over last July.
  • % of Sold Price to List Price - 97.12%
  • Average Days on Market - dropped to 91 days
  • Closed Sales - down 1%


If you’re a seller who has been wondering if it might finally be time to sell, email us at, or click below, and we can prepare a complimentary analysis of market value for you – you just may be pleasantly surprised.

How Much is My Home Worth?


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Westmoreland - Currently Building in Williamsburg, Virginia


Meet the Builder

Westmoreland, a renowned regional custom home builder, land developer, and generalnew homes for sale in Williamsburg contractor, is currently building in three neighborhoods in the Williamsburg, Virginia area: Ford’s Colony, Landfall at Jamestown, and Kensington Woods.

Westmoreland has a legacy of developing beautiful, quality custom home communities across the Tidewater area of Virginia. The team at Westmoreland was involved in dozens of neighborhoods including New Town, Holly Hills, and Landfall just to name a few local favorites.

Recently, Westmoreland focused their building efforts in the Richmond, Virginia and Raleigh, North Carolina markets. In these competitive, metropolitan markets, Westmoreland adopted very efficient building methods and techniques, resulting in better pricing and value for homebuyers. Westmoreland brings this competitive, efficient mindset to Williamsburg offering unique, quality construction with numerous upgraded features included in the base sales price, resulting in a great value.

Contemporary floor plans, stylish finishes, energy efficient features, unique architectural cues on facades, different home sitings, and mixed materials on elevations are all some of the craftsmen style, custom home features offered by Westmoreland. Other luxury features include granite countertops, tile backsplash, 9 foot ceilings, brushed nickel fixtures, dual
shower heads, jetted bathtubs, and walk in closets.

“We have very few change orders,” says Westmoreland President Eason Park. “Our homebuyers are already getting everything they want with our extensive impressive standard features list included in every home.”

Many energy efficient building features are offered on every home as well. Thicker exterior walls that fit more insulation, higher efficiency HVAC systems, and field applied spray-on house liners (much like a spray-on truck bed liner!) are a few of the green features offered standard on every home, resulting in lower energy costs for the homebuyer. “We chose to include the energy saving features that we believe provide the most value, standard
on every Westmoreland Home,” said Park.

Aside from building quality homes, Westmoreland offers exceptional customer service. A Liz Moore agent is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions a homebuyer might have. Homebuyers are also invited to weekly meetings at their home site to review
construction progress. The homebuyer, their real estate agent, and the project superintendent review the progress over the past week and discuss the plan for the coming week. Buyers are able to ask questions along the way, resulting in better communication and more involvement. “It’s all about communication when you’re building a custom home,” said Park. “With our weekly meetings, everyone is on the same page and there are never any assumptions made.” Westmoreland operates on an “open book” system, allowing homebuyers to be part of the entire process, making each project more of a partnership. “No one is more critical of our work than the homeowner themselves and we invite them to our jobsite every week. We welcome their inspection.”

Even the home loan process is made as easy as possible for the homebuyer. Westmoreland has heavy financial backing and therefore doesn’t require construction financing, saving homebuyers time, money, and headache. Westmoreland Home buyers only have one initial deposit, and one closing.

The team at Westmoreland is a group of seasoned professionals, most with longevity with the company. Being a small company, Westmoreland has been able to retain the personal touch with every buyer and every home. Every project is truly a team effort with everyone working together to build a beautiful, quality home and truly impress each customer. “When people
really enjoy their jobs, it shows in their work product, it results in quality that can be seen in the homes they build,” said Park. “I’m proud to say that quality is evident in every Westmoreland Home project.”

Are you thinking about new construction?  Tell us a little bit about your dream home, and we’ll arrange for a complimentary consultation with a new homes expert who can point you in the right direction!

Meet with a New Homes Expert


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