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Fall Open House Tour in Ford's Colony, Williamsburg


Looking for homes for sale in Ford's Colony, Williamsburg?

The annual Fall Ford’s Colony Open House Tour will be held this Saturday, October 25th from 11am to 4pm.  Come check out the exquisite Liz Moore listings and be entered into a drawing for an Opus 9 gift card.  Click here to download a copy of the brochure with a list of participating homes, or call the office at 757.645.4106.  See you there! 

homes for sale in Ford's Colony

Grab the Attention of Home Buyers with a Kitchen Face Lift


When selling your home, a nice kitchen can be a huge plus for home buyers.  If you are feeling like your kitchen isn't up to par, there are plenty of ways to make it more appealing to buyers on a low (or even no) budget. kitchen

Below are five tips and tricks from HGTV to give your kitchen a quick makeover.

1.  Kill the Clutter in Storage Areas
Clear all that clutter out, even if you have to store some stuff in boxes.  Same goes for the counter.  The eye is drawn to counter space.  Maybe sure you have some!

2.  Help Traffic Flow
Make sure people can easily move throughout the area.  Take out extra chairs, rolling carts, etc. to maximize the flow.

3.  Color the Counters
If you can't afford a trendy new granite or stainless steel counter, consider painting your tired laminate in an updated shade like a terra cotta color.

4.  Cover up Floor Flaws
Make sure you clean all of the floors and carpets.  If the floor is worn in spots, consider an area rug.

5.  Wash the Windows
Emphasize your kitchen's natural light with freshly washed windows and extend the effort to the window coverings, too, by dry cleaning fabric treatments and washing wood blinds.

Curious to see the checklist that home stagers use when they visit a property? Download one below, or email us at to learn more.

 Download our Home Staging Checklist


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Help Us Collect Christmas Cards for our Troops


Every year the Liz Moore & Associates’ Military Team collects Christmas cards to send to troops overseas so they have something to send back to their family and friends in the states. Christmas cards for the troops Christmas cards are not something available to them while they are stationed overseas.  In 2013, over 100 boxes of cards were sent to our troops, along with eight care packages, and the Military Team is working to send even more this year.

You can help by bringing boxes of new Christmas cards to one of our Liz Moore offices by November 7th.  For more information, email us at or click below.  Help us spread the word and collect more cards than ever!


Contact the Liz Moore Military Team

Yorktown Market Days and Fall Festival


Are you looking for something to do this weekend?  Head over to Yorktown Market Days & Fall Festival on Saturday, October 11th, from 8am - 3pm at Riverwalk Landing in Historic Yorktown.yorktown market days  

In addition to the usual array of fresh produce, meat and seafood, baked goods, specialty cut flowers, quality art, and entertainment at Yorktown Market Days, there will be hayrides, a pumpkin patch and children’s hay maze, face painting, and other children’s activities, as well as chef demonstrations by the Culinary Institute of Virginia.

For more information, visit

Interested in finding more things to do in and around the Historic Triangle? Subscribe here to our blog as we post ideas frequently.  You also can purchase a copy of Liz’s recently published book, 101 Reasons to Love Living in the Historic Triangle, in either paperback or e-book version by clicking the button below.

Purchase "101 Reasons to Love Living in the Historic Triangle"


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Should I Let the Buyer Have Early Possession of the Home?


Q:  As a seller, should I let the buyer have early possession?selling my home

A:  There is ALWAYS a risk when you allow a purchaser to take possession of your home prior to closing.  Using a carefully drafted possession agreement helps, but read the document carefully. Our widely used REIN agreement, for instance, states that the buyer is responsible for anything and everything that might go wrong, EXCEPT those issues covered by the seller's hazard insurance. This can be a very sticky situation and you should really know the answer to the question as to what you (the sellers) are going to be responsible for when the buyers move in early.  Always take a sizeable deposit, and insure that the buyers are pre-approved and all contingencies are removed prior to early possession.

If you’re a seller who has been wondering if it might finally be time to sell, email us at, or click below, and we can prepare a complimentary analysis of market value for you – you just may be pleasantly surprised. 

How Much is My Home Worth?


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Southern Living Showcase Home & Wayne Harbin Builder Featured in Williamsburg Magazine, Next Door Neighbors


The 2014 Southern Living Custom Builder Program Showcase Home, along with Wayne Harbin Builder, was featured in the October issue of Next Door Neighbors Magazine.

By Greg Lilly, Editor

“It’s going to be a knock-out first impression, “Wayne Harbin says of the Ford’s Colony house his company built as a 2014 Southern Living Custom Builder Showcase Home. “There are different elevation heights when you first come in, and it really sets the tone as you walk into the foyer. This house could easily be built on the Chesapeake Bay. It gives clarification all the way through the home to what’s behind the house – nothing but nature and everything that Ford’s Colony has to offer. It’s all green space behind this house, for the home’s visitors to seesouthern living showcase home
and enjoy.”

Wayne and the team at Wayne Harbin Builder, Inc. have created a home to inspire ideas and stimulate the senses.
Gearing up to celebrate 30 years in custom home construction, Wayne started his own company in 1985. “I actually started out in the construction industry right out of high school in 1965,” Wayne explains. “I started as a laborer for a building company. Back then there were a lot of smaller builders. Back then, you’d start out with a small builder and do a little bit of everything. I worked in the northern part of Newport News, working with Mennonites at the time. They were the largest concentration of builders and very good tradesmen.” He dug footers, laid block, framed and roofed. “It wasn’t as it is today where a framer is a framer. Then you did everything that needed to be done. The whole crew could do any job needed. It wasn’t as segmented as it is today.”

Wayne worked his way up to a lead man on a framing crew for a large company and then to a superintendent. “As a superintendent, I had to figure the houses, the materials, run the jobs and meet with the subcontractors. So I worked about 20 years in the trades from a laborer right on up to a superintendent then went into business in 1985.”

When he began his own business, Wayne liked the mom-and-pop model. “We started out as a complete family business. We had an office over our garage, as a lot of people did. My wife, Bonnie, worked the books. I did the superintendent job – the ordering and all of that.” The business grew. When Wayne and Bonnie’s sons were teenagers, they spent their summers working in the family business. “Doug and Brad have always been involved in this business in one way or another,” Wayne says. “When Brad decided to go to college at East Carolina, he majored in Construction Management. Doug went to the University of Alabama where he received his degree in biology with an emphasis in marine science. Brad has been with us for 12 years and Doug for 14 years. I can honestly say that being a family business, we wouldn’t be where we are today without their influence, their education and their drive to do the job correctly.”

Each project is different and that’s what keeps Wayne excited about building. “It’s always a learning experience. Even today, there are so many things that change, different materials and different methods. Back when I started, that kept me excited and learning because in framing, I would create different styles of houses: hip roof houses and Cape Cods and mansard roofs. Everything was a little different, and it was a challenge.” He says even today, he takes pride in seeing construction in which he was involved. ”I think it was the challenge and doing a good job and seeing that product built and complete.”

For over 14 years, Wayne has been part of the Southern Living Custom Builder program. “The Southern Living name represents what we do, the style of houses that we typically do,” Wayne explains. “We go outside the box, but if you have seen the magazine, they go outside the box too. We’re not just a colonial Williamsburg type of builder. A lot of our clients are readers of the magazine. So it just kind of goes hand- in-hand. It’s a classic magazine. We do a lot of coastal, and Southern Living has coastal.”

This year’s Showcase Home is located at 109 Ford’s Colony Drive. It’s open to the public on three consecutive weekends in November: 7-9, 14-16, 21-23. “People can come in and see the newest trends and ideas,” Wayne says. “Visitors will be able to walk through the home and see the quality of work and design. We showcase all the sponsors’ products, like Bevolo gas and electric lights from New Orleans, Lennox, Marvin windows, Moen plumbing fixtures. We have a designer, Christine Estep, [Jackson Thomas Interiors] to design the home’s interior décor.”

He promises that visitors to the Showcase Home will find unique features and decorating ideas. “You’ll discover great ideas, from the newest light fixtures and plumbing fixtures to the latest design elements. For example, a unique feature: We have things for the dogs in the garage, like a built-in dog bath. The outdoor living area is unforgettable. Everything you think you might like in your new house, or existing house, you can see it and touch it and try it at the Showcase Home. This is a place where people can come and get ideas of things they can do.”

Some of his favorite features are innovations to make everyday living more efficient and enjoyable. “The master bath has his and hers sides with a shared mutual shower,” Wayne describes. “So each person has their own bathroom – two bathrooms where you can go from side to side through the shower. In the kitchen, the design is a very functional, updated 2015-type of kitchen. I think it has outstanding ideas.”

The home has an open floor plan, which Wayne says more people are asking for, yet the living areas are well-defined in the plan.

“Outside, you have to see that,” Wayne says. “We are lucky in our area that we have four seasons of outdoor living. This house has an outdoor cooking area where part is covered, part of it is decked. We have retractable screens. The covered area has a suspended poured concrete floor with storage underneath it. It gives you that extra storage for garden equipment or lawn equipment. It’s not in the garage; it’s outside, unseen, stored and dry.”

Wayne explains that he’s working with Doug and Brad to transition the projects and business to their generation. “I want to be active, and I am in a smaller way,” he says. “I have the best of two worlds: my sons are awesome at what they do, and I’m able to sit back and know when I’m gone, they can take it on and are doing it now. That’s just unbelievable. I have done everything I have wanted to do as far as in business.”

Pride swells in Wayne when he talks about his sons. “They should get the credit because they are out in the forefront everyday building and remodeling homes. As a dad would be, or an owner of a business would be, I’m happy that Doug and Brad are moving the business forward. We are lucky enough to have longevity, and our sons to take this thing on.”

Visit the website:
Ticket sales from the event benefit Operation Finally Home and Habitat for Humanity.

Buying a Home in an HOA - Will I Know the "Rules" Ahead of Time?


Q:  I am considering buying a home that is in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association.  Will I get to see the “rule book" before being obligated to making the purchase?buying a home

A:  If there is a homeowners’ association, part of the standard contract for this area requires a property owners’ association addendum. After the initial terms of the contract are agreed upon, prior to closing the seller must provide a current copy of the all of the association rules, as well as the financial disclosures for that neighborhood to show the current financial status and if there are any big projects (special assessments) pending, etc.

Once this disclosure packet is received by the buyers' agent, there is a three day review period for the buyer. If the buyer doesn't like something that is contained in that packet, the buyer has a right to void the contract. After three days, the contract proceeds forward.

Are you looking to start the home buying process?  Email us at, we'd love to help! Or, click below to download our free Home Buyer's Handbook.

Download Our FREE Home Buyer's Handbook


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Liz Moore Selected as The 2015 Small Business Person of the Year by The Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance


The Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance selected Liz Moore, President of Liz Moore & Associates, as the 2015 Small Business Person of the Year at its annual membership meeting on September 23rd, 2014.Liz Moore and Associates

Every year the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance honors a Small Business Person of the Year screened from nominations made by the membership.  Nominees must be Alliance members and have been in business for at least 3 years.  Small Business owners are selected for their impact on the community and substantial employee growth, increased sales, excellent customer service, and response to adversity.

Moore opened Liz Moore & Associates in 2003, and has grown from 32 agents to over 100 during a very turbulent real estate market cycle.  The company is known for its innovative “No Surprises” marketing platform, as well as its service projects for our local military community and fundraising efforts for CHKD.  Over the past 10 years, the brokerage has added a second office in Williamsburg, as well as launching both Property Management and Commercial Services divisions, and has earned market leadership positions in both Williamsburg and on the Virginia Peninsula.

Are you interested in learning more about Liz Moore & Associates?  Click below to read the Liz Moore story.

Read the Liz Moore Story


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Are You Looking for Waterfront Homes for Sale?


We are excited to bring you the latest issue of the Liz Moore Waterfront Property MagazineClick the image below to flip through the magazine featuring our newest waterfront homes and lots for sale.

waterfront homes for sale

Check out the rest of our digital magazines - Newport News HomesWilliamsburg HomesYork County Homes, and more!  You can subscribe to one or more of our magazines, and they will be delivered FREE to your inbox once a month, dynamically uploading the latest issues.

Check Out Our Digital Magazines




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Hilton Village - The Nation's First Federal War-Housing Project


The nation's first federal war-housing project, Hilton Village in Newport News, Virginia is a planned community that was sponsored by the US Shipping Board and the Newport News Shipyard and sold to private homeowners after WWI. Street names in this 100 acre-tract, containing English village-type houses, honor government and shipyard for sale in Hilton

Single family homes are mixed with duplex homes in this charming neighborhood.  Hilton Village's central shopping area is filled with antique stores, unique restaurants, a theater and other quaint shops.  At the end of Main Street you can find Hilton Elementary, one of the area's most sought after schools.  Directly behind Hilton Elementary is a playground, pier and the James River.

The Hilton Fall Festival, 4th of July Parade and the weekly Farmer's Market are just a few of the things make Hilton Village a great community. 

Homes in Hilton Village range in price from $110,000 - $349,900, and in size from 1,104 - 2,063 square feet.  

Want to Get the Scoop on Hilton Village homes for sale?  Simply click below to fill out the form, designating Hilton Village as your selected neighborhood, and you’ll receive automatic e-mail alerts when any new listings come on the market in Hilton Village, or when any closings take place, so that you can monitor home values in Hilton Village.


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