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Why Tabb, Virginia?

Posted by Lynnette Tully on Fri, Aug 30, 2019 @ 09:05 AM

paul-trienekens-9goYHROaqMo-unsplashWhy Tabb?

The much sought-after area of Tabb is known for its fantastic schools, sports teams and charming community, but very few know the story behind the land that is loved so much. One tract of land in particular, home of the new community Smith Farm Estates, tells a story rich in history of a pioneer before her time.

Mary Octavia Smith was born in 1845 and was married to Alexander Tabb in 1871. She bore 3 children and became a widow at a young age, leaving her to raise the children on her own. Looking for an opportunity to provide for her family, she applied to the Federal Government requesting for a post office to be placed in the community she lived in, Smithville. Tabb’s request was granted, and history was forever changed.

She became the first female Post Master for the state in 1893 and remained in office until 1910.  27 years before the women’s suffrage movement, this was no small feat. As a Post Master, one of the most coveted and respected positions in the Government, Tabb was a woman ahead of her time. Dedicated to taking care of her family, she converted her house into the post office and served people out of window on the front porch. The area once known as “Smithville” was later named “Tabb” as a nod to Ms. Tabb’s post office.

Located on the heart of what was once Tabb’s property, Smith Farm Estates is nestled in history.  Not only are these ½ acre+ lots highly desired due to location, but the deep historical roots of the land make it even more desirable.

Liz Moore and Associates is honored to represent Edgerton Contracting in this groundbreaking community! For more information on available lots, or for a tour, please contact Jenny Edgerton at (757) 592-3378.

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