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By: Lauren Cummings

Some homeowners may argue that selling your home in the winter season is the best time of the year to be on the market. Here are a few reasons why:

• Prospective home buyers are serious, motivated, and ready to buy. winter

• Fewer choices on the market lead to less competition and receiving closer to your asking price.

• Some houses show even better over the holidays.

If you adjust your marketing approach to align with the advantages of the winter  season, the process will be exciting and inspiring for you and potential buyers. 

First Impressions Matter

• Buyers aren’t expecting to see lush green lawns in the wintertime, but lawn upkeep is a noticeable 
first impression. Trimming, edging, and discarding  leftover fall leaves and debris will go a long way 
toward impressing potential buyers.

• Outdoor lighting is especially important in the  dark winter months. Illuminate the pathway to 
your porch as a courtesy and the exterior of your  home to showcase it.

• Holiday lights are a decorative advantage of the season. Don’t hesitate to put up exterior lights;  however, leave room for potential buyers to use  their imagination – refrain from making it too 
visually cluttered.

Placing Interior Décor

• The same advice for interior holiday décor applies;  holiday décor adds to the beauty of the home, but 
keep in mind not to cover any marketable aspects that buyers will want to see, such as the stair railing. 

Creating a Warm Ambiance

• Lighting the fireplace, playing calming music, and  using subtle scents are great ways to make your home 
warm and inviting for showings.

• Adding throw pillows and throw blankets is a nice  touch and adds to the cozy ambiance. 

• Always leave the heat on for showings. Keeping  a warm temperature in the home offers a welcoming 
atmosphere and prevents chilly distractions. 

Applying this marketing strategy will compel the buyer to visualize their own space, creating excitement for the wintertime in their cozy new home.

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Post by Lynnette Tully