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SupperBy Karen Newton

Supper in Scott’s Addition knows how to make its four-legged customers happy.

Settle into their garden patio, full of plants which are used by the kitchen to create seasonal menus, to get a sense of being in the country while actually in an urban setting. The sense of serenity makes it a calm oasis for friends, family, and pets to enjoy a drink or meal. With a wide-ranging menu of comfort foods that speaks to both carnivores and vegetarians -the stuffed portabella and Down on the Farm sandwich are legendary with Richmond’s non-meat eaters- Supper has had a devoted following since the day it opened in 2012.
Part of that following wears a collar and walks on four paws. To accommodate them, the staff will supply your dog with a water bowl and something even far tastier: healthy treats made in-house by Supper’s baker. Rare is the pooch who will turn down a homemade treat.

There aren’t a whole lot of rules to bringing man or woman’s best friend to Supper. All fur babies must be well behaved, and according to owner Rick Lyons, most are. They’re also required to be on a leash and refrain
from bothering other patrons at nearby tables.

“We love our Supper Puppers and encourage our patrons to bring them here,” says Lyons. “We’ve never really had an issue and when we do, it’s usually the human involved. Go figure!”

Post by Lynnette Tully